1.9 Dream Wedding 

Nathaniel straighted his tie for him and tried to get him talking so the pictures could look as natural as possible.  He called Nana Ama one last time to check if  she was finally alright . She had been tearing up all morning and the make up artiste could barely get the eye lashes on and Kukua had called him so he could get her to be calm. 
As she stepped at the entrance , grabbing on to her dad’s arm she looked  straight up the  aisle,  there were more  flowers than she expected , those white roses and lilies did not look like artificial flowers. 

When she looked down, the carpet was burgundy with white petals on each side.  She looked up again and realised there were gold bows on the ends of  every pew. She  straightened up and smiled. 

There was Kofi standing with that grace she’d been attracted to, dapper could not even describe how majestic his white suit and  gold bow tie made him look. 
From the moment he  stepped at the  entrance,  he  knew his dream wedding had come true, he could see her through her veil beaming with joy. He could not  even  hear the  Canon D being played by the organist. His eyes  were on her the whole time. If Nathaniel had not been clicking on his every move, he would  have  even allowed that tear to drop. 

The only thing he  heard during the whole ceremony  was  when the  priest said  I now  pronounce you  husband and wife. Even when Sedinam,  one of Nana Ama’s friend was melodiously  rendering her  own version of “You are the love of my life ” , his mind was far away from God,  he was just lost in his wife’s smile  and  how  she  was  indeed the love of his life. 
Nana Ama,  was  blown away,  dream come true  was  not  even close,  she  did not know  how  he had  done  it  but he had transformed the church and youth hall into a fairy tale. She suspected  his sister  had a hand in it,  she  had  about  two months ago started talking about  how  she  also wanted to get married soon and wanted decor  ideas  for  her  wedding. 

Nana Ama  could not  hold  her  laughter in as  Kofi and his friends danced to  Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Small small ‘ . When they came to pull  her  to  dance with them she  even offered no resistance  whatsoever.  She  looked at her hand  and smiled as  the  lights in the  hall bounced of her ring,  another  surprise he had given her.   It had been  a long journey  but  God  had brought  them  far .
He  carried  her  into the  room  like she  had  once told  him  was  one of her  fantasies.  She was giggling  and  kicking her legs demanding to be put down. 

He said ” Mrs Boakye,  would you get a hold of yourself. ”

Ah,  Mrs Boakye , how good that  sounded. 

There  was  definitely a lot to look forward to. 

Nana Ama  was  excited when he  swooped her  up in his arms,  blind folded  she    wondered   what other  surprise he had planned. 


1.6 Dream Wedding 

She  was  shouting,  no in fact she  was  screaming,  throwing the pillows in his room about. She  walked out of the  room  slamming the door  then she came  back. 

“Kofi Akoto Boakye!” she called,  no it was more of a  bellow. 

He’d never  seen her  like  this before.  He was used to  the  crying and  complaining  , as for  that he  could  handle but  this,  he was petrified all he kept doing  was whispering , ” Nana please calm down, calm down. ” It didn’t seem to be working but he kept on repeating it. 

“Circ! Circ! Circ! “, the mate had saved him.  Kofi woke up sweating,  staying by the street had literally saved his life. It was only 6pm,  how had he dozed off?  He quickly checked his whatsapp to make sure he had not sent any wierd messages.  He walked to the bathroom and washed his face, told himself all was well and it was just a dream.

 Nana Ama was probably enjoying her bridal shower / bacheolorette, he really could not tell the difference. He let out a loud sigh and contemplated going downstairs to chat with his sister,  but on second thought he decided to stay in his room and listen to some music. 

The more he thought about it,  the more he figured  she might not even react the way his mind was telling him, after all it could even be a pleasant discovery for her. 
Nana Ama was enjoying her shower,  she had the most supportive friends. Though they were just  four, they meant so much to her and they knew how to make her happy. 

Kukua had come with some cake and series insisting that Nana relaxed so that ‘ madam rose ‘ did not show up on the ‘D-day’. She was her counselor and confidante.

Kukua  had even helped teach her how to  calculate her cycle and other  things only the two of them could talk about, they’d been friends since KNUST  and  even with her busy schedule as superintendent pharmacist, Kukua always had time for her.  

Maame  was the idea bank  , she’d brought  all sorts of  games, a danceable playlist  and her pancakes,  Maame she’d know since Junior high and was like a  sister. 

Then there was Sedinam, she lead them into a powerful prayer session as soon as she arrived , she was not Music Director of their Alumni Choir for nothing. Then quiet Jeanne, well who was no longer quiet after one year of marriage .

Nana Ama had her four pillars with her and she was indeed delighted, she knew the evening would be fun .

She needed this so much, in just a couple of weeks she would be Mrs Boakye, she smiled to herself. 

 1.3 Dream Wedding 

When she arrived she spotted him immediately,  he had found a  cool quiet place  to sit  and was  busy typing on his phone .

She  walked to his table  and said hi,  for  a moment she  was  worried  but  when he looked up at her,  he was  grinning from  ear to  ear. 

She  didn’t have to be told. She took her bag off her  shoulder about to  sit down when he  stood up  and swept her  in his arms. 

He whispers gently in her  ear ” God  has done it again ” 

She  mouthed an  amen and  made a mental note to dance so much in church that the  drama and choreography ministry will recruit her. 

They sat down and he told her  all about it  , he knew  she  loved details  and  he did  not leave any out.

It had been a few months since the confirmation for his sandwich PhD , it came with  a full  scholarship with travel allowance , that meant he  could  spoil  Nana Ama on their honeymoon. 

He  remembered he  had to meet  Nana Ama , they were scheduled to have a discussion with the wedding planner . 

 He knew this was going to be a  quick one, because  his  wife to  be was so organized it amazed him and  sometimes even secretly  annoyed him. 

He was not wrong.  Just as the planner was going on about  how you had to be specific to get exactly what you want,  she took out  her notebook ,she had cuttings,notes ,descriptions… 

He was  distracted momentarily 

When he heard her  sadly  saying  ‘okay  let’s stick to artificial flowers..’

He wanted to tell  her not to worry and  that  just  marrying her  was   great. 

He heard  that sad tone again  when she asked ” so the bow on the chair back without  the chair is  10 cedis? ”

She  decided  to  leave  out the bows  and  asked  him if they  could  reduce  their  guests  from  400 to 250.

He really  just  wanted to tell  her that they  getting  married  was already  a dream  come true  and…

Though  he knew  she was passing  his last test, but he still  had to wait  for the right time  to let all the cats out of the bag. 

1.1 Dream wedding 

“Circle!!  Kanesh!!  Circ!  Circ! ”

He opened his eyes to the shouts,  he still  had 10 minutes till his alarm went off.  Why won’t these mates take a day off?  He thought to himself. Yet  when it  was  even  4:35 pm when he stepped out of his office they would not even glance at you  if you asked  where they  were going. 

He closed  his  eyes  ,trying to drown out all the noise  and remind himself that  because of his current situation , going to work  was  essential. 

10 minutes  had passed in a  flash, just as he opened his eyes again,  and on cue his phone  was blurring.  He picked  his phone and smiled,  on the screen  was ‘ Bae’ ( She had insisted he save it like that)  , his faithful alarm for the past  three years. 

” Good morning Nana” he said as romantically as he possibly could.  She laughed at his failed attempt and asked for a selfie as proof that he was out of bed. 

Some guys would  have thought him to be really “yawa” , but he did it lovingly,  for today  was  an important  day,  they had  both  worked towards it and  she had pushed him, encouraged him and  even fought with him to get him here. 

He cherished her and  he  was  finally  glad that Sunday  when  she called to find out where he was staying some three years ago. 
They had not  started out as friends, they’d met at  an interschools debate at the Accra International Conference Center, they only casually shook hands because it  was  mandatory before the competition started. 

They were  not  enemies either  but  at  the time the seniors had  schooled them meticulously into believing that since they were rival secondary schools  ,friendship of  any kind  was  banned. 
They had  later met at KNUST, when she showed up  in his room with members from the outreach ministry of their church when he  had  missed student’s mass because he was ill. 

For some reason unknown to him,  she kept checking on him since and their friendship began. 
He was woken from his memories  when the  mate  shouted  ” yess back seat! “



Oh. my mom and the way she wants everything to be perfect. well at least it always turns out that way. I’m in my cream coloured sleeveless princessline dress with a kente band and bow tie at the side and according to my brother I looked good so…

okay, my dad drove us to the wedding , my mum insisted…. the wedding was beautiful , a very lovely petite wedding. it really set me thinking about what I said about my being single . Joel popped into my mind at that moment and I dismissed the thought rapidly.

we left for the reception , my parents sat at the high table, my brother and his wife sat together, leaving me to sit  at a table of young ladies. I dreaded it. all they kept on doing was talking about people’s outfits, how good-looking this guy was and on  and on thew went. Alas the food was in, I was glad, at least they would stop talking for a while.

then , it was time to dance. I saw a guy in a lovely suit with a lady clinging onto his arm . how lovely, i thought. they came closer, and I just had to hide.i got up and went to the restroom.
only to come back and my plate had been cleared. ah! who told the waiter i had finished eating!!

I decided to put my anger on the desserts, they looked pretty good.

after the desserts, I really didn’t feel like anything , the girls at my table had bore me to death.. ah! these my parents , won’t they let us leave soon.. they liked greeting and it seemed as if they were greeting the entire guest list…..

Ha! I guess we’d leave soon……. but i really needed to leave, before….. to be contd