1.9.1 Dream Wedding 

He  gently  removed the blind fold… 

No she  woke  up from her  long  dream  ….

No  he  woke up from his  short  nap  at the office  to  realize  every one  had  already  left 
Errm…  She  had no idea what to do.  Janet  had  sent the  story to her friend  Nii Okwei,  but  he still had  not  given any  feedback. Maybe she  should  have  waited  for feedback  before  posting  the  story. 

It was her  first  blog  post   she’d  posted it  15 minutes ago  shared it on  facebook,  twitter  and  all her whatsapp  groups . There was  not  even  a single comment. 
She  should  have  just  waited for  Nii Okwei’s message , he was probably busy  with  wedding  plans with his wife to be  Esenam. 
Hmmm,  she’ll just  end the  story  here  she thought…

                            THE END 
Special thanks to everyone for reading 😊

Hopefully when we get  great feedback  from “Nii Okwei ” , there  will be another  story. 

Have a blessed day 

~ Maame 




As I looked through the window the sky looked breathtaking.The red just seemed to caress the yellow ,all the blue had disappeared and orange sprayed all around …
But all I could think about was
Is this the end of my fairytale?


I’m Sheryl Hanson-Aboagye, Yup Sheryl with an ‘S’. I am an intern at Quaking Med Lab for the summer holidays, everyone thought I’d want to work on the plasmodium parasite transmission by mosquitoes but I am more interested in Delta-Notch Signaling during Xenopus gastrulation and yup I may sound nerdy but it is not that complicated like my friend Nana Ama always says ; “Google it” .
So luckily from loads of research and sleepless nights, I landed an internship at Quaking. I’m so looking forward to having a great time ….

In my cute white jeans and a blue top loosely tucked in over it, my signature pony tail and glittering belt so I do not look so boring when I put this up on instagram in a few hours at lunch break ;and of course my lab coat unfortunately covering it all for the mean time…

So, I’m headed down the corridor rushing to go collect some results from Microscopy section. Hmm all this data to enter and analyze before my big presentation next week. Not much time left, but well I’m sure I can handle it.
The silent corridors with glass windows, everyone seemed busy with their work, I just passed by the Bioinformatics department and I just had a thought that someone was staring at me… 1, 2, 3… I turned.
He was just looking… hmmm
Then he turned back quickly to his pc
Oh for a second there I thought it would be just like in the movies… Guy stares at girl, girl turns back and he motions to her to wait and comes out…
Well that did not happen, back to getting that data.


So, I spent the rest of my day entering the data and yes, I did not forget to put the pictures up on instagram #selfienation. I’m very certain my week will just pass without me noticing it… So much work to do before the presentation. I really need to impress my Head of Department. Go Me! I can do it

Yes, the day has finally arrived , my big day…In front of the mirror, deciding whether to go with the signature look or put my hair up in a bun. It is not as though I have never made a presentation before, but these are professors… OMG! Professors … Calm down Sheryl; I need to calm down…
So I finished dressing up downed half a glass of cold milk, I was too nervous to have anything else.
I ran to the bus stop, with two minutes to spare. In the bus I kept going over my little notes, rehearsing and rehearsing.
I got off and headed straight for the conference hall even though the presentation was an hour away I did not want to be late for even a second.
I passed by the Bioinformatics department, I searched to see if I would see Mr. Stare, but nope he was not there.
So off to the conference room after standing there for a bit…
“Hello everyone, today we will be having presentation from our interns, the first person is Sheryl…” said the Master of Ceremony, I did not know what else to call him. And yup that was my cue …

Sitting in a chair waiting for everyone else to leave, I was so exhausted, I just realized how tired I was from all the work, I had not had a good rest in days, just then my HOD came up to me and said; “Sheryl, take the rest of the day off, good job, great work and see you on Monday.”
OMG! , yes I know I like saying that a lot, I could not believe it, it’s Thursday late afternoon and he said see you on Monday? I could not be any happier.
I picked my bag and headed towards the door just a few people were left in the hall chattering about stuff I could only have dreamed of a year ago, and then it happened…
That moment in the movies where everything goes in slow motion and a handsome looking young man steps into the room, all goes still, then he flips his hair and straightens his tie and walks towards the lone lady standing in the middle of the room…
Yes that kind of moment, though no hair to flip, handsome he certainly was and he was walking straight at me, I did look back, I most certainly did it was me…
“Hi, that was a really great presentation you gave, are you sure you are just an intern?”
That was so cute, and no I did not tell him that. He said his name was Jamie. Jamie. Sounded really well to my ear, I realized he was the guy from the Bioinformatics department. He said he was doing his PhD.
I thought that was really nice, I’d give him about 27.
So he walked me out of the hall and we talked. He even walked me to the bus stop and asked what I’ll be doing the next day and asked if I would break my rest to have lunch with him.
Of course I said yes.

Very simple… sandwiches and smoothies…nothing extraordinary I thought, until we started chatting, we just went on and on , and he had to remind me he had to get back to his lab because his lunch break was almost over and that we should hang out the next day and he would show me the city. I said goodbye after he had asked for my number and where to meet me up. OMG! I could not believe this was happening, show me the city that was like a line from a storybook…

Jamie did show me the city, it was great, nothing spectacular though, I meant, nothing spectacular to see, but we had a great time, we were having lunch together at the cafeteria. I did not know stuff like this could happen it was really lovely to have someone to talk to and discuss what I was finding difficulty with in my project and company to the bus stop…

I walked to the cafeteria, expectant, I walked in and picked my tray, he should have come in by now but nope.
I ate my food hurriedly, and passed by his lab, but nope.
I called but no Jamie
I went back to the lab after the break, did my research and all I could keep thinking was, where was Jamie, I saw him this morning when I intentionally passed by his lab and he waved where could he have passed. After work, I checked the car park, his car was not in and the library he was not there, so I went back to his lab, he liked to stay late sometimes, I remembered and there he was. Smiling. All that was in my head was who does that!!!
I walked in and he walked to meet me, he said hi, I asked what happened and all he could tell me was he wanted to know if he had made a friend or if it was all in his head… Yes, I did think again, who does that!

Jamie and I had hit it off; it was real fun spending time with him. I was making progress in my research and soon I’d pack and head back home where I’ll be hailed, as having done some extraordinary work. I was looking forward to that, but there was another side to that coin. Jamie. I tried not to get too attached but these few of months had been great… FOCUS! I told myself, you need to focus Sheryl.
So I focused and avoided him the entire day and just when I thought I had gotten away with it, at my stop, there he came in his car, and said he’d love to give me a ride in his car, I could not refuse. Oh no….
So we talked and talked as always, he gave me some tips on my final presentation and promised to help me rehearse for it. He dropped me off at the hostel and waited till I reached my window and waved… How sweet.

We are sitting on the plum, red, Marsala mélange carpet in Jamie’s apartment papers sprawling everywhere, and the coffee in huge brown mugs just at arm’s length, He was helping me organize my slides for my presentation and I was helping him proofread a write up for a paper he was working on.
We stayed up late, and then I started dozing off and spilled cold coffee on my shorts oh…
Jamie insisted I should go rest so … carried me up in his arms and set me on his bed then covered me with the quilt …
Sheryl! I heard a distant shout, oh, I’d dozed off again and now Jamie was standing right next to me with a grin plastered on his face. He insisted and he got his way, some 30 minutes later I was in my room struggling to get ready for bed.

The presentation was great, Jamie was there second row third seat and smiled and kept nodding the whole time, he gave me his slide changer so I’d look more professional in his words… I got a really loud round of applause and thumbs up from my HOD, there was a soiree later this evening, a farewell soiree in honor of all the interns and Post doctoral students that had worked at Quaking.
Jamie picked me up at 8:12pm. I was in a green floral print African dress, knee length with a cobalt blue satin belt and collar with the same fabric. I wore electric blue heels with a matching purse. He said I looked amazing. Instagram was flooded with my pictures…
He took me back to the hostel and when he opened the door for me and I came out, he did something I never expected, he hugged me, then as if he was reminded it was not his place he drew back and said goodnight.

I spent the day at Quaking, saying goodbye to all my friends and giving out farewell gifts. I had a long talk with my HOD who wrote me a glowing recommendation and said I was welcome anytime. Then I spent the rest of the day watching movies with Jamie in my hostel until I dozed off and Jamie insisted I rest and he left.

I went to town with Jamie to do some last minute shopping, it was fun, he came to the hostel and spent the whole day with me whilst I was packing , helped me check my reservations and get everything organized we even checked for traffic . I thought I was organized till I met Jamie. Jamie stayed till I finished packing and then left to come pick me up in the morning for breakfast.


Jamie and I had breakfast at a café in the airport, we talked and talked and took pictures, I checked in and came back to spend more time together. I tried not to get sad and live in the moment. Then I heard the final boarding call, or the last but one I think…
Jamie hugged me and kissed me on the forehead… what does that mean?
But how was I going to know, I run to the boarding gate…

So I’m here on this plane, watching the colors of the sunset playing a wonderful tune and am wondering, what happens when I get to Ghana, will he call???
Will this go on, or is this the end on my fairy tale….

Nope… Scratch that… This biology book is not going to read itself, FOCUS!!!
You need to focus Nana…
Yup I’m a simple lady studying for my entrance exam to grad school to study Embryology and I was having for a moment, okay.. More than a moment a wild day dream…
And my name is Nana Esi Aboagye…