1.8 Dream Wedding 

She  was  confused,  this was not  what they  had  planned where  were all these gifts coming from?  A white goat?  It was not part of the list.  What was Kofi up to?  

The Okyeame came for her and led her out. Their porch had been transformed . The whole place was gleaming in gold. 

Nana wanted to look Kofi in the eye and ask him what was going on but  this  camera man would not leave her for a  second,  so she smiled with as much confidence as she could and twirled like she had been instructed to do. 

After  performing all their  duties,  she finally had  him  all to herself. She led him into the kitchen and pulled out a chair for him. 
Kofi had been waiting for this day for quite sometime. She had handled the ceremony well and everything had gone according to plan,  but when she suddenly dragged him into the house, he knew the questions were coming and he had to choose his words wisely. 

“Kofi,  I hope you didn’t go for a loan oh,  this is way beyond our budget. Or did your parents sponsor it?  Kofi, have you been hiding something from me?  tell me now oh. I don’t want to be put on social media because we could not pay for a goat oh! ”
“Nana please calm down, Nana calm down ” was all he could say. 

When she was finally quiet,  he took her hands and clasped his over hers.  He took in a  deep breath and slowly let the answers out one by one. 
She looked intently at him listening to his every word . A lot of things started to make sense.

Why she’d always met his parents at a restaurant or at his apartment. How he’d been trying for the past two weeks to tell her something but always changed the subject with one surprise or the other. 

She smiled slightly when he said she had passed his test. She wondered why he had not told her from the beginning. She would have married him regardless. 

She was happy. She was happy he was already the man she was hoping he would become. 
Kofi raised his thumb to wipe a tear rolling down Nana’s cheek. She had taken it better than he had expected. He was right about her and he had made the right choice. 

Now all that was left was the wedding and they would be bound together for as long as they both shall live. 

She was a wonderful woman and she deserved a lot of happiness.