1.9 Dream Wedding 

Nathaniel straighted his tie for him and tried to get him talking so the pictures could look as natural as possible.  He called Nana Ama one last time to check if  she was finally alright . She had been tearing up all morning and the make up artiste could barely get the eye lashes on and Kukua had called him so he could get her to be calm. 
As she stepped at the entrance , grabbing on to her dad’s arm she looked  straight up the  aisle,  there were more  flowers than she expected , those white roses and lilies did not look like artificial flowers. 

When she looked down, the carpet was burgundy with white petals on each side.  She looked up again and realised there were gold bows on the ends of  every pew. She  straightened up and smiled. 

There was Kofi standing with that grace she’d been attracted to, dapper could not even describe how majestic his white suit and  gold bow tie made him look. 
From the moment he  stepped at the  entrance,  he  knew his dream wedding had come true, he could see her through her veil beaming with joy. He could not  even  hear the  Canon D being played by the organist. His eyes  were on her the whole time. If Nathaniel had not been clicking on his every move, he would  have  even allowed that tear to drop. 

The only thing he  heard during the whole ceremony  was  when the  priest said  I now  pronounce you  husband and wife. Even when Sedinam,  one of Nana Ama’s friend was melodiously  rendering her  own version of “You are the love of my life ” , his mind was far away from God,  he was just lost in his wife’s smile  and  how  she  was  indeed the love of his life. 
Nana Ama,  was  blown away,  dream come true  was  not  even close,  she  did not know  how  he had  done  it  but he had transformed the church and youth hall into a fairy tale. She suspected  his sister  had a hand in it,  she  had  about  two months ago started talking about  how  she  also wanted to get married soon and wanted decor  ideas  for  her  wedding. 

Nana Ama  could not  hold  her  laughter in as  Kofi and his friends danced to  Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Small small ‘ . When they came to pull  her  to  dance with them she  even offered no resistance  whatsoever.  She  looked at her hand  and smiled as  the  lights in the  hall bounced of her ring,  another  surprise he had given her.   It had been  a long journey  but  God  had brought  them  far .
He  carried  her  into the  room  like she  had  once told  him  was  one of her  fantasies.  She was giggling  and  kicking her legs demanding to be put down. 

He said ” Mrs Boakye,  would you get a hold of yourself. ”

Ah,  Mrs Boakye , how good that  sounded. 

There  was  definitely a lot to look forward to. 

Nana Ama  was  excited when he  swooped her  up in his arms,  blind folded  she    wondered   what other  surprise he had planned.