1.9.1 Dream Wedding 

He  gently  removed the blind fold… 

No she  woke  up from her  long  dream  ….

No  he  woke up from his  short  nap  at the office  to  realize  every one  had  already  left 
Errm…  She  had no idea what to do.  Janet  had  sent the  story to her friend  Nii Okwei,  but  he still had  not  given any  feedback. Maybe she  should  have  waited  for feedback  before  posting  the  story. 

It was her  first  blog  post   she’d  posted it  15 minutes ago  shared it on  facebook,  twitter  and  all her whatsapp  groups . There was  not  even  a single comment. 
She  should  have  just  waited for  Nii Okwei’s message , he was probably busy  with  wedding  plans with his wife to be  Esenam. 
Hmmm,  she’ll just  end the  story  here  she thought…

                            THE END 
Special thanks to everyone for reading 😊

Hopefully when we get  great feedback  from “Nii Okwei ” , there  will be another  story. 

Have a blessed day 

~ Maame