1.5 Dream Wedding 

He really did not want to ruin the argument free month they had had. He quickly replied that he had just arrived and she said she was coming to open the gate. 

He was so nervous, he had still not figured out how he was going to tell her. 

He did not know how to tell her that the web content developer job he was doing was actually for his dad’s University and he was being paid for it and he was also working there part time. 

She had real trust issues and she had that smile that would be plastered on her face no matter what you said. It had an ‘ ok ‘ response that went with it.  It was a killer combination. You would have no idea what she was thinking of or what she was planning. 
As he walked into the house, he started scripting something in his head  , then he had an idea. 
Kofi was fidgety Nana Ama thought,  he was  normally confident and knew exactly what to say.  Maybe he had a surprise that was  why. When he sat down in the living room,  he looked around as if he was looking for inspiration to recite a poem,  she was worried  but  let it pass. He asked about her parents and  she replied  that  they had not  arrived home yet. He managed to bring up casual topics , she grew impatient  and  asked him what he  wanted to say. 
The  way he  started the  sentence scared her,  why would he start by saying ; “you know I’ve never lied to you before.” Her  tummy was in knots,  these were no collywobbles. 

Then he  finally  said his dad had a University and that’s where he’d been doing his part time lecturing .  She  did  not think it was much of a problem  , but her curiosity  was  already  producing tons of questions. 
Kofi was relieved that  she did not get upset, but  he knew her better than he knew himself, so  just  when her questions were about to hit  he brought out his  saving card,  he’d been able to book a limousine for the wedding for a reasonable price .

He laughed when  she  actually  got up to do her  own version of the dab. 

He was content yet wary, this was just one of them 

How would she take the other ones? 

Nana’s mum insisted he had dinner with them. That  woman had a way of  making you eat even if you were satisfied  and  conspiring with her daughter, they  quickly prepared some okro soup, the  one with shrimps and crabs with the palm oil in the right proportion . The banku was tender, just the way he liked it. He could not resist… 


1.4 Dream Wedding 

Nana Ama  was devastated,  the  dream wedding  no longer seemed  anywhere  in sight,  by  the time they  left  the planner she  was  down to four  artificial floral  arrangements  for the church,  two gold  bows on the  chairs  she  and Kofi were going to sit on. 

As for the reception,  she  did not want to  think  about it. She had  saved  for  it  but  after  sacrificing that  extra coke she used to buy  to  make her  trotro journey a bit bearable every  day for  the  past two years,  it  no  longer  made sense spending  it  on the  floral wall  she  wanted so much to be a  backdrop at the reception. 

She  even had to  forego the red carpet  and opt  for a disposable   one. 

Things  were really not  looking  good. She  had  not even attained her size 10 and the  time  seemed to be drawing nearer as fast  as she  had  wished  but  now  dreaded. 

At  least  she had her  bridal  shower  to look  forward  to.  It was her ultimate cheat day and her friend Maame had promised to bring  lots of pancakes especially that chocolate fondant one  that  she  loved  but  had to flee from these past  few months. 
She really did not want to ask her parents for  money,  they were already  taking care of almost everything for the traditional wedding  ceremony .

She  put  her  head phones back  on and  stepped on to the treadmill. Becca’s “Shw3 dea Odo ay3 me ” was playing. She  smiled,  life must  be playing a serious one on her. 

As her pace quickened , she remembered how  she  had  spotted Kofi in church. He never  missed  mass  and the  grace  with  which he read  the announcements after service made him look like a president. She could  see  he was destined for  great  things. 

It wasn’t  until final year  when she mustered the courage  to  become  his friend,  and at  an emergency outreach meeting one  night after service her opportunity came. 
Kofi  walked  up to the gate and turned away,  then walked  back  then started pacing.  Was today the right time to  tell  her? 

He remembered the  many times when he could not  figure whether he had  been friend zoned or not but  Nana Ama just  had  her own way  of  doing things. 

She  had  called him on  a Sunday to ask if she  could  come over. 

She  went straight to the point  and  said  ” I think we  should  work towards getting married ”

That was the  day he knew she was his one,  his beauty with brains. Even though  her Jollof was not  always on point, he did not mind at all. 

Just  then she  called.  

” Are you here yet?  You said you wanted to tell me something “…

 1.3 Dream Wedding 

When she arrived she spotted him immediately,  he had found a  cool quiet place  to sit  and was  busy typing on his phone .

She  walked to his table  and said hi,  for  a moment she  was  worried  but  when he looked up at her,  he was  grinning from  ear to  ear. 

She  didn’t have to be told. She took her bag off her  shoulder about to  sit down when he  stood up  and swept her  in his arms. 

He whispers gently in her  ear ” God  has done it again ” 

She  mouthed an  amen and  made a mental note to dance so much in church that the  drama and choreography ministry will recruit her. 

They sat down and he told her  all about it  , he knew  she  loved details  and  he did  not leave any out.

It had been a few months since the confirmation for his sandwich PhD , it came with  a full  scholarship with travel allowance , that meant he  could  spoil  Nana Ama on their honeymoon. 

He  remembered he  had to meet  Nana Ama , they were scheduled to have a discussion with the wedding planner . 

 He knew this was going to be a  quick one, because  his  wife to  be was so organized it amazed him and  sometimes even secretly  annoyed him. 

He was not wrong.  Just as the planner was going on about  how you had to be specific to get exactly what you want,  she took out  her notebook ,she had cuttings,notes ,descriptions… 

He was  distracted momentarily 

When he heard her  sadly  saying  ‘okay  let’s stick to artificial flowers..’

He wanted to tell  her not to worry and  that  just  marrying her  was   great. 

He heard  that sad tone again  when she asked ” so the bow on the chair back without  the chair is  10 cedis? ”

She  decided  to  leave  out the bows  and  asked  him if they  could  reduce  their  guests  from  400 to 250.

He really  just  wanted to tell  her that they  getting  married  was already  a dream  come true  and…

Though  he knew  she was passing  his last test, but he still  had to wait  for the right time  to let all the cats out of the bag. 

 1.2 Dream Wedding 

Nana Ama loved her job, she was the head of academic relations at a private University.  She would work hours past closing time enjoying her YouTube playlist of Britain’s got Talent best singers  and not even realize time passing. 

Today  was not one of those days,  she  had looked at the office clock so many times and it  was  still a whole hour till closing time. 

She defined anxiety as when you were in the waakye queue and it was almost finished but you were certain you would get your two cedis worth, until someone decides to buy for their whole family including the dog but this was way more than that. 

She had woken Kofi up in the morning like she always did  and  she  was sure he would ace the presentation, however not hearing from him until their date  that evening at Afrikiko was killing her. 
She decided to dig into  some  proposals she had to organize for the next admissions committee meeting and that did the magic.  When she lifted her head, it was time. 

She dashed out of the office walked straight down the road run across the walkover to the shiashie bus stop. 

The pungent smell of urine hit her almost immediately,  she  was unlucky for the crowd at the bus stop  was  a formidable one. 

She quickly took off her  earrings and wrist  watch and put them in her bag, put her phone at the bottom of the bag, closed it and tucked the bag  securely under her arm. 

This was the one time when good things did not come to people who waited. 

 She finally  made it into a circle car, she was  even fortunate to get the  window seat.  As the traffic seemed endless,  she pulled out her phone  and  decided to catch up on Keni Kodjo’s #8to5 , after hoarding so many episodes. 

It should keep her mind busy for some time  as she waited in anticipation for  Kofi’s News 

1.1 Dream wedding 

“Circle!!  Kanesh!!  Circ!  Circ! ”

He opened his eyes to the shouts,  he still  had 10 minutes till his alarm went off.  Why won’t these mates take a day off?  He thought to himself. Yet  when it  was  even  4:35 pm when he stepped out of his office they would not even glance at you  if you asked  where they  were going. 

He closed  his  eyes  ,trying to drown out all the noise  and remind himself that  because of his current situation , going to work  was  essential. 

10 minutes  had passed in a  flash, just as he opened his eyes again,  and on cue his phone  was blurring.  He picked  his phone and smiled,  on the screen  was ‘ Bae’ ( She had insisted he save it like that)  , his faithful alarm for the past  three years. 

” Good morning Nana” he said as romantically as he possibly could.  She laughed at his failed attempt and asked for a selfie as proof that he was out of bed. 

Some guys would  have thought him to be really “yawa” , but he did it lovingly,  for today  was  an important  day,  they had  both  worked towards it and  she had pushed him, encouraged him and  even fought with him to get him here. 

He cherished her and  he  was  finally  glad that Sunday  when  she called to find out where he was staying some three years ago. 
They had not  started out as friends, they’d met at  an interschools debate at the Accra International Conference Center, they only casually shook hands because it  was  mandatory before the competition started. 

They were  not  enemies either  but  at  the time the seniors had  schooled them meticulously into believing that since they were rival secondary schools  ,friendship of  any kind  was  banned. 
They had  later met at KNUST, when she showed up  in his room with members from the outreach ministry of their church when he  had  missed student’s mass because he was ill. 

For some reason unknown to him,  she kept checking on him since and their friendship began. 
He was woken from his memories  when the  mate  shouted  ” yess back seat! “

Dream Wedding 

Photo credit : Pinterest 

She woke up again , when she looked  at her phone it  was already  2:37 am. She dragged herself from bed, her thighs were aching excruciatingly from the two long hours she had spent in the gym for the 5th time that week. 

Luckily, it was already Saturday,  her rest day but there was a lot to do. Kofi had proposed and a wedding by next Christmas was definitely not going to plan itself. 

As she gradually made it to the bathroom she wondered why she had given herself this fitness challenge but what could she have done?  She wanted to be stunning bride on  the I do GH* page and she wanted to fit in the  size 10 dress she had seen on the Strictly Weddings* page on Facebook.  She looked up at her phone screen which had a screenshot of her dream dress  and reminded herself,  it would be absolutely worth it. 

Back in bed, she pulled the sleeping cloth  making sure to cover every inch of her body to avoid the harshness of the cold the harmattan brought with it.  The cold had a way of creeping on you at dawn ensuring most definitely that you would have a cold the next morning. 

Nana Ama read the last text her husband to be had sent her  and drifted off to sleep,  into the  land of  dreams  where her perfect wedding was being held… 
* I do GH – Wedding planning and inspiration page on Facebook 

* Strictly Weddings -Wedding planning and inspiration page on Facebook 


 It was  the  eve before the eve of Christmas …

And all through the land there  was so much traffic that  if you want to go town you have to develop a special skill for dodging both humans and vehicles . 

You have to be smart so that your last minute shopping will go according to budget ,otherwise the sudden increase in prices of food items, clothing and transport may make you two or three tins of corned beef short,  leading to a  Jollof that will not papp* 😢

You literally have to go sit on your  tailor or seamstress house  otherwise  your  ‘bronya’* dress will not  be ready . If you want to buy ready made too, you have to do wild or else you’ll be surprised you didn’t choose what you will come home with. 

For Parents, this is a critical time, you have to remember all the hints given during the year for stuff that will make great Christmas surprises , nowadays  Christmas shoe and dress  don’t do it anymore. 

For the couples,  the pressure is super,  you have to join long  bank  and  ATM queues so you can spread him or her  since its  going to be a loooong weekend.  And if it’s your  first  Christmas together  the  pressure to  “Shee impre3″* is enough for you to disappear from work  to join a bank queue .

Then for the stand alones,  you have to start planning where to go and when  so that the plenty facebook and instagram pictures and ” I went out with bae ” tweets do not disturb you so much. 

As we  go through the eve before the eve of Christmas,  let’s  remember to be joyful and grateful for our lives  and as we try  to  put  smiles on others faces , let’s also remember to smile .

A Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to us all… 

A minute of silence for  all the livestock  that  we will do justice to, without them it will not be  complete .
*papp -* extremely nice 

*bronya – Christmas 

* Shee impre3-to impress