1.5 Dream Wedding 

He really did not want to ruin the argument free month they had had. He quickly replied that he had just arrived and she said she was coming to open the gate.  He was so nervous, he had still …

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1.9.1 Dream Wedding 

He  gently  removed the blind fold… 

No she  woke  up from her  long  dream  ….

No  he  woke up from his  short  nap  at the office  to  realize  every one  had  already  left 
Errm…  She  had no idea what to do.  Janet  had  sent the  story to her friend  Nii Okwei,  but  he still had  not  given any  feedback. Maybe she  should  have  waited  for feedback  before  posting  the  story. 

It was her  first  blog  post   she’d  posted it  15 minutes ago  shared it on  facebook,  twitter  and  all her whatsapp  groups . There was  not  even  a single comment. 
She  should  have  just  waited for  Nii Okwei’s message , he was probably busy  with  wedding  plans with his wife to be  Esenam. 
Hmmm,  she’ll just  end the  story  here  she thought…

                            THE END 
Special thanks to everyone for reading 😊

Hopefully when we get  great feedback  from “Nii Okwei ” , there  will be another  story. 

Have a blessed day 

~ Maame 

1.9 Dream Wedding 

Nathaniel straighted his tie for him and tried to get him talking so the pictures could look as natural as possible.  He called Nana Ama one last time to check if  she was finally alright . She had been tearing up all morning and the make up artiste could barely get the eye lashes on and Kukua had called him so he could get her to be calm. 
As she stepped at the entrance , grabbing on to her dad’s arm she looked  straight up the  aisle,  there were more  flowers than she expected , those white roses and lilies did not look like artificial flowers. 

When she looked down, the carpet was burgundy with white petals on each side.  She looked up again and realised there were gold bows on the ends of  every pew. She  straightened up and smiled. 

There was Kofi standing with that grace she’d been attracted to, dapper could not even describe how majestic his white suit and  gold bow tie made him look. 
From the moment he  stepped at the  entrance,  he  knew his dream wedding had come true, he could see her through her veil beaming with joy. He could not  even  hear the  Canon D being played by the organist. His eyes  were on her the whole time. If Nathaniel had not been clicking on his every move, he would  have  even allowed that tear to drop. 

The only thing he  heard during the whole ceremony  was  when the  priest said  I now  pronounce you  husband and wife. Even when Sedinam,  one of Nana Ama’s friend was melodiously  rendering her  own version of “You are the love of my life ” , his mind was far away from God,  he was just lost in his wife’s smile  and  how  she  was  indeed the love of his life. 
Nana Ama,  was  blown away,  dream come true  was  not  even close,  she  did not know  how  he had  done  it  but he had transformed the church and youth hall into a fairy tale. She suspected  his sister  had a hand in it,  she  had  about  two months ago started talking about  how  she  also wanted to get married soon and wanted decor  ideas  for  her  wedding. 

Nana Ama  could not  hold  her  laughter in as  Kofi and his friends danced to  Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Small small ‘ . When they came to pull  her  to  dance with them she  even offered no resistance  whatsoever.  She  looked at her hand  and smiled as  the  lights in the  hall bounced of her ring,  another  surprise he had given her.   It had been  a long journey  but  God  had brought  them  far .
He  carried  her  into the  room  like she  had  once told  him  was  one of her  fantasies.  She was giggling  and  kicking her legs demanding to be put down. 

He said ” Mrs Boakye,  would you get a hold of yourself. ”

Ah,  Mrs Boakye , how good that  sounded. 

There  was  definitely a lot to look forward to. 

Nana Ama  was  excited when he  swooped her  up in his arms,  blind folded  she    wondered   what other  surprise he had planned. 

1.8 Dream Wedding 

She  was  confused,  this was not  what they  had  planned where  were all these gifts coming from?  A white goat?  It was not part of the list.  What was Kofi up to?  

The Okyeame came for her and led her out. Their porch had been transformed . The whole place was gleaming in gold. 

Nana wanted to look Kofi in the eye and ask him what was going on but  this  camera man would not leave her for a  second,  so she smiled with as much confidence as she could and twirled like she had been instructed to do. 

After  performing all their  duties,  she finally had  him  all to herself. She led him into the kitchen and pulled out a chair for him. 
Kofi had been waiting for this day for quite sometime. She had handled the ceremony well and everything had gone according to plan,  but when she suddenly dragged him into the house, he knew the questions were coming and he had to choose his words wisely. 

“Kofi,  I hope you didn’t go for a loan oh,  this is way beyond our budget. Or did your parents sponsor it?  Kofi, have you been hiding something from me?  tell me now oh. I don’t want to be put on social media because we could not pay for a goat oh! ”
“Nana please calm down, Nana calm down ” was all he could say. 

When she was finally quiet,  he took her hands and clasped his over hers.  He took in a  deep breath and slowly let the answers out one by one. 
She looked intently at him listening to his every word . A lot of things started to make sense.

Why she’d always met his parents at a restaurant or at his apartment. How he’d been trying for the past two weeks to tell her something but always changed the subject with one surprise or the other. 

She smiled slightly when he said she had passed his test. She wondered why he had not told her from the beginning. She would have married him regardless. 

She was happy. She was happy he was already the man she was hoping he would become. 
Kofi raised his thumb to wipe a tear rolling down Nana’s cheek. She had taken it better than he had expected. He was right about her and he had made the right choice. 

Now all that was left was the wedding and they would be bound together for as long as they both shall live. 

She was a wonderful woman and she deserved a lot of happiness. 

1.7 Dream Wedding 

It was the  morning of the traditional wedding.  He was very sure she was  nervous,  she  had  not  woken  him  up that morning so Kofi  called. Jeanne picked the phone and  said Nana Ama had  gone to the  bathroom  and  easy not  coming  out . Kofi was worried . He knew she  had  not gotten her ‘Ada Ada ‘ music  video  kind  of ceremony  but  this was unlike  Nana.  He  spoke  to  Kukua and  she assured  him they would  take  care  of  her so he  let  his worries go to rest. 

Just as he  hang up,  his sister  barged into  his  room like she always  did. For some reason,  since  they were younger  she never  understood  that  there were boundaries. Well she had  been tasked to  get  him downstairs for the head of the  family  had  arrived and they did not want to be  fined for  lateness. He quickly  descended the stairs  with her  and  met  the  family  in the living room  where  they  prayed  and  then took pictures  courtesy his best friends Nathaniel  who had  just  started a photography business. 

His  mother gave his  friends  a strong warning, to hold on  the boys boys fanfare until  after the ceremony. The Boakye’s were  royals  and  they  had to  uphold  their name. 
Nana Ama  had  never had  the case of the jitters this  badly. When she stepped out of the bathroom her girls told her Kofi had called. She  was happy  the day had arrived  but  for some  reason  she could  not  shake of the feeling that  something  was going to  happen.  

Jeanne  had gotten  her  friend to do the make up and  now  they  were  arguing about whether her  make up  should  be  nude or they  should  make a statement. 

Her mum  came in to pray with  them  and  made  sure  everyone was ready.  Now came the long wait. Luckily  she  could peep through  her window. 
When Kofi walked into the house with his friends leading,  the Okyeame singing in her hoarse voice, he noticed the curtains in Nana’s room quickly go down. He knew she had seen him and all the extravagance she was not expecting. The twenty traditionally dressed girls carrying gold wrapped gifts on their head, the lamb, the white goat… 

He knew she had seen it all.

He was counting on her to be the Nana Ama he had come to love. He was  certainly hoping she would not freak out. 

1.6 Dream Wedding 

She  was  shouting,  no in fact she  was  screaming,  throwing the pillows in his room about. She  walked out of the  room  slamming the door  then she came  back. 

“Kofi Akoto Boakye!” she called,  no it was more of a  bellow. 

He’d never  seen her  like  this before.  He was used to  the  crying and  complaining  , as for  that he  could  handle but  this,  he was petrified all he kept doing  was whispering , ” Nana please calm down, calm down. ” It didn’t seem to be working but he kept on repeating it. 

“Circ! Circ! Circ! “, the mate had saved him.  Kofi woke up sweating,  staying by the street had literally saved his life. It was only 6pm,  how had he dozed off?  He quickly checked his whatsapp to make sure he had not sent any wierd messages.  He walked to the bathroom and washed his face, told himself all was well and it was just a dream.

 Nana Ama was probably enjoying her bridal shower / bacheolorette, he really could not tell the difference. He let out a loud sigh and contemplated going downstairs to chat with his sister,  but on second thought he decided to stay in his room and listen to some music. 

The more he thought about it,  the more he figured  she might not even react the way his mind was telling him, after all it could even be a pleasant discovery for her. 
Nana Ama was enjoying her shower,  she had the most supportive friends. Though they were just  four, they meant so much to her and they knew how to make her happy. 

Kukua had come with some cake and series insisting that Nana relaxed so that ‘ madam rose ‘ did not show up on the ‘D-day’. She was her counselor and confidante.

Kukua  had even helped teach her how to  calculate her cycle and other  things only the two of them could talk about, they’d been friends since KNUST  and  even with her busy schedule as superintendent pharmacist, Kukua always had time for her.  

Maame  was the idea bank  , she’d brought  all sorts of  games, a danceable playlist  and her pancakes,  Maame she’d know since Junior high and was like a  sister. 

Then there was Sedinam, she lead them into a powerful prayer session as soon as she arrived , she was not Music Director of their Alumni Choir for nothing. Then quiet Jeanne, well who was no longer quiet after one year of marriage .

Nana Ama had her four pillars with her and she was indeed delighted, she knew the evening would be fun .

She needed this so much, in just a couple of weeks she would be Mrs Boakye, she smiled to herself. 

1.5 Dream Wedding 

He really did not want to ruin the argument free month they had had. He quickly replied that he had just arrived and she said she was coming to open the gate. 

He was so nervous, he had still not figured out how he was going to tell her. 

He did not know how to tell her that the web content developer job he was doing was actually for his dad’s University and he was being paid for it and he was also working there part time. 

She had real trust issues and she had that smile that would be plastered on her face no matter what you said. It had an ‘ ok ‘ response that went with it.  It was a killer combination. You would have no idea what she was thinking of or what she was planning. 
As he walked into the house, he started scripting something in his head  , then he had an idea. 
Kofi was fidgety Nana Ama thought,  he was  normally confident and knew exactly what to say.  Maybe he had a surprise that was  why. When he sat down in the living room,  he looked around as if he was looking for inspiration to recite a poem,  she was worried  but  let it pass. He asked about her parents and  she replied  that  they had not  arrived home yet. He managed to bring up casual topics , she grew impatient  and  asked him what he  wanted to say. 
The  way he  started the  sentence scared her,  why would he start by saying ; “you know I’ve never lied to you before.” Her  tummy was in knots,  these were no collywobbles. 

Then he  finally  said his dad had a University and that’s where he’d been doing his part time lecturing .  She  did  not think it was much of a problem  , but her curiosity  was  already  producing tons of questions. 
Kofi was relieved that  she did not get upset, but  he knew her better than he knew himself, so  just  when her questions were about to hit  he brought out his  saving card,  he’d been able to book a limousine for the wedding for a reasonable price .

He laughed when  she  actually  got up to do her  own version of the dab. 

He was content yet wary, this was just one of them 

How would she take the other ones? 

Nana’s mum insisted he had dinner with them. That  woman had a way of  making you eat even if you were satisfied  and  conspiring with her daughter, they  quickly prepared some okro soup, the  one with shrimps and crabs with the palm oil in the right proportion . The banku was tender, just the way he liked it. He could not resist…