1.7 Dream Wedding 

It was the  morning of the traditional wedding.  He was very sure she was  nervous,  she  had  not  woken  him  up that morning so Kofi  called. Jeanne picked the phone and  said Nana Ama had  gone to the  bathroom  and  easy not  coming  out . Kofi was worried . He knew she  had  not gotten her ‘Ada Ada ‘ music  video  kind  of ceremony  but  this was unlike  Nana.  He  spoke  to  Kukua and  she assured  him they would  take  care  of  her so he  let  his worries go to rest. 

Just as he  hang up,  his sister  barged into  his  room like she always  did. For some reason,  since  they were younger  she never  understood  that  there were boundaries. Well she had  been tasked to  get  him downstairs for the head of the  family  had  arrived and they did not want to be  fined for  lateness. He quickly  descended the stairs  with her  and  met  the  family  in the living room  where  they  prayed  and  then took pictures  courtesy his best friends Nathaniel  who had  just  started a photography business. 

His  mother gave his  friends  a strong warning, to hold on  the boys boys fanfare until  after the ceremony. The Boakye’s were  royals  and  they  had to  uphold  their name. 
Nana Ama  had  never had  the case of the jitters this  badly. When she stepped out of the bathroom her girls told her Kofi had called. She  was happy  the day had arrived  but  for some  reason  she could  not  shake of the feeling that  something  was going to  happen.  

Jeanne  had gotten  her  friend to do the make up and  now  they  were  arguing about whether her  make up  should  be  nude or they  should  make a statement. 

Her mum  came in to pray with  them  and  made  sure  everyone was ready.  Now came the long wait. Luckily  she  could peep through  her window. 
When Kofi walked into the house with his friends leading,  the Okyeame singing in her hoarse voice, he noticed the curtains in Nana’s room quickly go down. He knew she had seen him and all the extravagance she was not expecting. The twenty traditionally dressed girls carrying gold wrapped gifts on their head, the lamb, the white goat… 

He knew she had seen it all.

He was counting on her to be the Nana Ama he had come to love. He was  certainly hoping she would not freak out. 


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