1.3 Dream Wedding 

When she arrived she spotted him immediately,  he had found a  cool quiet place  to sit  and was  busy typing on his phone .

She  walked to his table  and said hi,  for  a moment she  was  worried  but  when he looked up at her,  he was  grinning from  ear to  ear. 

She  didn’t have to be told. She took her bag off her  shoulder about to  sit down when he  stood up  and swept her  in his arms. 

He whispers gently in her  ear ” God  has done it again ” 

She  mouthed an  amen and  made a mental note to dance so much in church that the  drama and choreography ministry will recruit her. 

They sat down and he told her  all about it  , he knew  she  loved details  and  he did  not leave any out.

It had been a few months since the confirmation for his sandwich PhD , it came with  a full  scholarship with travel allowance , that meant he  could  spoil  Nana Ama on their honeymoon. 

He  remembered he  had to meet  Nana Ama , they were scheduled to have a discussion with the wedding planner . 

 He knew this was going to be a  quick one, because  his  wife to  be was so organized it amazed him and  sometimes even secretly  annoyed him. 

He was not wrong.  Just as the planner was going on about  how you had to be specific to get exactly what you want,  she took out  her notebook ,she had cuttings,notes ,descriptions… 

He was  distracted momentarily 

When he heard her  sadly  saying  ‘okay  let’s stick to artificial flowers..’

He wanted to tell  her not to worry and  that  just  marrying her  was   great. 

He heard  that sad tone again  when she asked ” so the bow on the chair back without  the chair is  10 cedis? ”

She  decided  to  leave  out the bows  and  asked  him if they  could  reduce  their  guests  from  400 to 250.

He really  just  wanted to tell  her that they  getting  married  was already  a dream  come true  and…

Though  he knew  she was passing  his last test, but he still  had to wait  for the right time  to let all the cats out of the bag. 


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