1.2 Dream Wedding 

Nana Ama loved her job, she was the head of academic relations at a private University.  She would work hours past closing time enjoying her YouTube playlist of Britain’s got Talent best singers  and not even realize time passing. 

Today  was not one of those days,  she  had looked at the office clock so many times and it  was  still a whole hour till closing time. 

She defined anxiety as when you were in the waakye queue and it was almost finished but you were certain you would get your two cedis worth, until someone decides to buy for their whole family including the dog but this was way more than that. 

She had woken Kofi up in the morning like she always did  and  she  was sure he would ace the presentation, however not hearing from him until their date  that evening at Afrikiko was killing her. 
She decided to dig into  some  proposals she had to organize for the next admissions committee meeting and that did the magic.  When she lifted her head, it was time. 

She dashed out of the office walked straight down the road run across the walkover to the shiashie bus stop. 

The pungent smell of urine hit her almost immediately,  she  was unlucky for the crowd at the bus stop  was  a formidable one. 

She quickly took off her  earrings and wrist  watch and put them in her bag, put her phone at the bottom of the bag, closed it and tucked the bag  securely under her arm. 

This was the one time when good things did not come to people who waited. 

 She finally  made it into a circle car, she was  even fortunate to get the  window seat.  As the traffic seemed endless,  she pulled out her phone  and  decided to catch up on Keni Kodjo’s #8to5 , after hoarding so many episodes. 

It should keep her mind busy for some time  as she waited in anticipation for  Kofi’s News 


4 thoughts on “ 1.2 Dream Wedding 

  1. candidkenny says:

    Haha. I think I can know more hangouts and happenings in Accra reading your stories. Keni Kodjo repped? Didn’t know about that. A radio show?. Lol
    Keep writing

  2. Josephine says:

    She quickly took off her earrings and wrist watch and put them in her bag, put her phone at the bottom of the bag, closed it and tucked the bag securely under her arm…..hahahahaa 😅😅😅

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