1.6 Dream Wedding 

She  was  shouting,  no in fact she  was  screaming,  throwing the pillows in his room about. She  walked out of the  room  slamming the door  then she came  back. 

“Kofi Akoto Boakye!” she called,  no it was more of a  bellow. 

He’d never  seen her  like  this before.  He was used to  the  crying and  complaining  , as for  that he  could  handle but  this,  he was petrified all he kept doing  was whispering , ” Nana please calm down, calm down. ” It didn’t seem to be working but he kept on repeating it. 

“Circ! Circ! Circ! “, the mate had saved him.  Kofi woke up sweating,  staying by the street had literally saved his life. It was only 6pm,  how had he dozed off?  He quickly checked his whatsapp to make sure he had not sent any wierd messages.  He walked to the bathroom and washed his face, told himself all was well and it was just a dream.

 Nana Ama was probably enjoying her bridal shower / bacheolorette, he really could not tell the difference. He let out a loud sigh and contemplated going downstairs to chat with his sister,  but on second thought he decided to stay in his room and listen to some music. 

The more he thought about it,  the more he figured  she might not even react the way his mind was telling him, after all it could even be a pleasant discovery for her. 
Nana Ama was enjoying her shower,  she had the most supportive friends. Though they were just  four, they meant so much to her and they knew how to make her happy. 

Kukua had come with some cake and series insisting that Nana relaxed so that ‘ madam rose ‘ did not show up on the ‘D-day’. She was her counselor and confidante.

Kukua  had even helped teach her how to  calculate her cycle and other  things only the two of them could talk about, they’d been friends since KNUST  and  even with her busy schedule as superintendent pharmacist, Kukua always had time for her.  

Maame  was the idea bank  , she’d brought  all sorts of  games, a danceable playlist  and her pancakes,  Maame she’d know since Junior high and was like a  sister. 

Then there was Sedinam, she lead them into a powerful prayer session as soon as she arrived , she was not Music Director of their Alumni Choir for nothing. Then quiet Jeanne, well who was no longer quiet after one year of marriage .

Nana Ama had her four pillars with her and she was indeed delighted, she knew the evening would be fun .

She needed this so much, in just a couple of weeks she would be Mrs Boakye, she smiled to herself. 


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