1.5 Dream Wedding 

He really did not want to ruin the argument free month they had had. He quickly replied that he had just arrived and she said she was coming to open the gate. 

He was so nervous, he had still not figured out how he was going to tell her. 

He did not know how to tell her that the web content developer job he was doing was actually for his dad’s University and he was being paid for it and he was also working there part time. 

She had real trust issues and she had that smile that would be plastered on her face no matter what you said. It had an ‘ ok ‘ response that went with it.  It was a killer combination. You would have no idea what she was thinking of or what she was planning. 
As he walked into the house, he started scripting something in his head  , then he had an idea. 
Kofi was fidgety Nana Ama thought,  he was  normally confident and knew exactly what to say.  Maybe he had a surprise that was  why. When he sat down in the living room,  he looked around as if he was looking for inspiration to recite a poem,  she was worried  but  let it pass. He asked about her parents and  she replied  that  they had not  arrived home yet. He managed to bring up casual topics , she grew impatient  and  asked him what he  wanted to say. 
The  way he  started the  sentence scared her,  why would he start by saying ; “you know I’ve never lied to you before.” Her  tummy was in knots,  these were no collywobbles. 

Then he  finally  said his dad had a University and that’s where he’d been doing his part time lecturing .  She  did  not think it was much of a problem  , but her curiosity  was  already  producing tons of questions. 
Kofi was relieved that  she did not get upset, but  he knew her better than he knew himself, so  just  when her questions were about to hit  he brought out his  saving card,  he’d been able to book a limousine for the wedding for a reasonable price .

He laughed when  she  actually  got up to do her  own version of the dab. 

He was content yet wary, this was just one of them 

How would she take the other ones? 

Nana’s mum insisted he had dinner with them. That  woman had a way of  making you eat even if you were satisfied  and  conspiring with her daughter, they  quickly prepared some okro soup, the  one with shrimps and crabs with the palm oil in the right proportion . The banku was tender, just the way he liked it. He could not resist… 


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