1.4 Dream Wedding 

Nana Ama  was devastated,  the  dream wedding  no longer seemed  anywhere  in sight,  by  the time they  left  the planner she  was  down to four  artificial floral  arrangements  for the church,  two gold  bows on the  chairs  she  and Kofi were going to sit on. 

As for the reception,  she  did not want to  think  about it. She had  saved  for  it  but  after  sacrificing that  extra coke she used to buy  to  make her  trotro journey a bit bearable every  day for  the  past two years,  it  no  longer  made sense spending  it  on the  floral wall  she  wanted so much to be a  backdrop at the reception. 

She  even had to  forego the red carpet  and opt  for a disposable   one. 

Things  were really not  looking  good. She  had  not even attained her size 10 and the  time  seemed to be drawing nearer as fast  as she  had  wished  but  now  dreaded. 

At  least  she had her  bridal  shower  to look  forward  to.  It was her ultimate cheat day and her friend Maame had promised to bring  lots of pancakes especially that chocolate fondant one  that  she  loved  but  had to flee from these past  few months. 
She really did not want to ask her parents for  money,  they were already  taking care of almost everything for the traditional wedding  ceremony .

She  put  her  head phones back  on and  stepped on to the treadmill. Becca’s “Shw3 dea Odo ay3 me ” was playing. She  smiled,  life must  be playing a serious one on her. 

As her pace quickened , she remembered how  she  had  spotted Kofi in church. He never  missed  mass  and the  grace  with  which he read  the announcements after service made him look like a president. She could  see  he was destined for  great  things. 

It wasn’t  until final year  when she mustered the courage  to  become  his friend,  and at  an emergency outreach meeting one  night after service her opportunity came. 
Kofi  walked  up to the gate and turned away,  then walked  back  then started pacing.  Was today the right time to  tell  her? 

He remembered the  many times when he could not  figure whether he had  been friend zoned or not but  Nana Ama just  had  her own way  of  doing things. 

She  had  called him on  a Sunday to ask if she  could  come over. 

She  went straight to the point  and  said  ” I think we  should  work towards getting married ”

That was the  day he knew she was his one,  his beauty with brains. Even though  her Jollof was not  always on point, he did not mind at all. 

Just  then she  called.  

” Are you here yet?  You said you wanted to tell me something “…


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