1.1 Dream wedding 

“Circle!!  Kanesh!!  Circ!  Circ! ”

He opened his eyes to the shouts,  he still  had 10 minutes till his alarm went off.  Why won’t these mates take a day off?  He thought to himself. Yet  when it  was  even  4:35 pm when he stepped out of his office they would not even glance at you  if you asked  where they  were going. 

He closed  his  eyes  ,trying to drown out all the noise  and remind himself that  because of his current situation , going to work  was  essential. 

10 minutes  had passed in a  flash, just as he opened his eyes again,  and on cue his phone  was blurring.  He picked  his phone and smiled,  on the screen  was ‘ Bae’ ( She had insisted he save it like that)  , his faithful alarm for the past  three years. 

” Good morning Nana” he said as romantically as he possibly could.  She laughed at his failed attempt and asked for a selfie as proof that he was out of bed. 

Some guys would  have thought him to be really “yawa” , but he did it lovingly,  for today  was  an important  day,  they had  both  worked towards it and  she had pushed him, encouraged him and  even fought with him to get him here. 

He cherished her and  he  was  finally  glad that Sunday  when  she called to find out where he was staying some three years ago. 
They had not  started out as friends, they’d met at  an interschools debate at the Accra International Conference Center, they only casually shook hands because it  was  mandatory before the competition started. 

They were  not  enemies either  but  at  the time the seniors had  schooled them meticulously into believing that since they were rival secondary schools  ,friendship of  any kind  was  banned. 
They had  later met at KNUST, when she showed up  in his room with members from the outreach ministry of their church when he  had  missed student’s mass because he was ill. 

For some reason unknown to him,  she kept checking on him since and their friendship began. 
He was woken from his memories  when the  mate  shouted  ” yess back seat! “


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