Dream Wedding 

Photo credit : Pinterest 

She woke up again , when she looked  at her phone it  was already  2:37 am. She dragged herself from bed, her thighs were aching excruciatingly from the two long hours she had spent in the gym for the 5th time that week. 

Luckily, it was already Saturday,  her rest day but there was a lot to do. Kofi had proposed and a wedding by next Christmas was definitely not going to plan itself. 

As she gradually made it to the bathroom she wondered why she had given herself this fitness challenge but what could she have done?  She wanted to be stunning bride on  the I do GH* page and she wanted to fit in the  size 10 dress she had seen on the Strictly Weddings* page on Facebook.  She looked up at her phone screen which had a screenshot of her dream dress  and reminded herself,  it would be absolutely worth it. 

Back in bed, she pulled the sleeping cloth  making sure to cover every inch of her body to avoid the harshness of the cold the harmattan brought with it.  The cold had a way of creeping on you at dawn ensuring most definitely that you would have a cold the next morning. 

Nana Ama read the last text her husband to be had sent her  and drifted off to sleep,  into the  land of  dreams  where her perfect wedding was being held… 
* I do GH – Wedding planning and inspiration page on Facebook 

* Strictly Weddings -Wedding planning and inspiration page on Facebook 


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