It was  the  eve before the eve of Christmas …

And all through the land there  was so much traffic that  if you want to go town you have to develop a special skill for dodging both humans and vehicles . 

You have to be smart so that your last minute shopping will go according to budget ,otherwise the sudden increase in prices of food items, clothing and transport may make you two or three tins of corned beef short,  leading to a  Jollof that will not papp* 😢

You literally have to go sit on your  tailor or seamstress house  otherwise  your  ‘bronya’* dress will not  be ready . If you want to buy ready made too, you have to do wild or else you’ll be surprised you didn’t choose what you will come home with. 

For Parents, this is a critical time, you have to remember all the hints given during the year for stuff that will make great Christmas surprises , nowadays  Christmas shoe and dress  don’t do it anymore. 

For the couples,  the pressure is super,  you have to join long  bank  and  ATM queues so you can spread him or her  since its  going to be a loooong weekend.  And if it’s your  first  Christmas together  the  pressure to  “Shee impre3″* is enough for you to disappear from work  to join a bank queue .

Then for the stand alones,  you have to start planning where to go and when  so that the plenty facebook and instagram pictures and ” I went out with bae ” tweets do not disturb you so much. 

As we  go through the eve before the eve of Christmas,  let’s  remember to be joyful and grateful for our lives  and as we try  to  put  smiles on others faces , let’s also remember to smile .

A Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to us all… 

A minute of silence for  all the livestock  that  we will do justice to, without them it will not be  complete .
*papp -* extremely nice 

*bronya – Christmas 

* Shee impre3-to impress 



  1. christelle says:

    Minute of silence observed hahahahaa. Kind reminder of the reason for the season which we all know so well yet miss almost always. Merry Christmas dear

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