When life gives you  soggy waakye , you can add Gari


 Photo credit :@waakyeradar 

So there is this waakye seller who never disappoints The rice to beans ratio is always on point 

She even gives you extra 

She has no name on her stand 

Yet,  her waakye gets finished in about two hours of her arrival 

She is the perfect example for ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover ‘

Indeed sometimes you don’t have enough to make a flamboyant packaging, 

It is what is inside that counts 

Anything you do, must be well done 

Not only for others, but for yourself as well…. 

So when you got to madam no name waakye sellers place, 

As for today things did not go too well for her 

There was a little more water than usual and the waakye was soggy 

Well,  you can get angry and give up entirely on the waakye 

Or you can make another choice 

But like this, there are those times in life when you have planned everything 

Planned to the last detail 

And yet, it all goes south 

At times like these 

You need to get over the disappointment and re-strategize 

It could have happened for your own good 

It may be a lesson you have to learn 
So when you get to the waakye sellers place and for today it is soggy, 

You can choose to go back home 

Complaining and hungry 

Or you could choose to add Gari .
*waakye  – a dish  made from rice and beans 

* Gari – an African staple food made from cassava 


5 thoughts on “When life gives you  soggy waakye , you can add Gari

  1. Eugene Aidoo says:

    Hmmmmmmm….. That’s the beauty of life o. Instead of complaining see an opportunity to create something. Everyone is born a genius but it’s up to you to discover and maximize your full potential.

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