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​So recently some Ghanaian delicacies have received international recognition. The ever famous Jollof and the can’t touch that Kelewe. 

But I was wondering why almighty Gari Soakings has been left out …I have heard interesting names like cassava smoothie But that was just it 
So I have literally taken it up
Now if you have gone to boarding school in Ghana, Then you know that Soakings is a dependable Friend. No matter how DB you are, the cornflakes eventually runs out. Now when that happens, who do you turn to? 

The answer!  Soakings! 

Then when you are hungry at home the fastest meal to prepare is Soakings . It is a just add water to the mixture meal. Very simple to prepare and very filling.

Now you know how when you go buy Kelewe on some days and the Vendor can just disappoint you. Like 5 cedis worth Kelewe suddenly becomes 2cedis in quantity 

Well with SOAKINGS this can never happen. 
In fact what you see is more that what you will get 

And with a little patience after preparing your preferred mixture 

The Gari, for lack of any better expression will “tuu” (rise/multiply)

Then also when you are broke and pay day is no where in sight, Gari soakings falls within the under 2 cedis Ghanaian meals 
So cost is not an issue. 

Whether breakfast, lunch, snack or supper… Soakings is the meal 
Anytime, anywhere 
So for the sake of the people who do not know what I am talking about, (Ei so you’re a Ghanaian and you don’t know Gari Soakings?? LIKE SERIOUSLY? ) 
Well Gari soaking is a DELICACY made from Gari, a cassava based product .The Gari is mixed with water and sugar to taste. 

It can come in so many variations 

With milk or without milk, with milk and groundnuts or without milk but with groundnuts …

I’m sure the mathematicians will have a field day determining the different combinations 


Me and my soakings,  The love is DEEP! 
Disclaimer : mashke (mashed Kenkey with water, sugar and milk)  don’t be jealous, I love you too 



  1. Low cost, reliable, filling, healthy, delightful…yep that sounds like gari soakings.

    My MO: I tend to leave the gari in water initially to get it to soften before topping up with the desired amount of water (I don’t really enjoy hard to chew gari)

    I also enjoy Nkatie burger instead of plain groundnuts and honey instead of sugar (your taste buds might just go nuts with this…lol)

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