Home is where mum is



You changed my diapers, washed my clothes, taught me to wash, scrutinize my outfits and now compliment me on how I look

You read to me, read with me and now  you come to me to  discuss issues

You fed me, cooked for me,  even had to convince me to eat and now we cook together

You punished me when I was wrong, I hated you for it but you never gave up on me, now you absolutely trust my judgement

You fought for me, then thought me how to stand up for myself, now you never stop letting me know how confident I’ve become

You prayed for me, taught me how to pray, you never stop praying  for me and now we pray together

There are countless of things you’ve given up for me and so many more you’ve let go for my sake and now I understand the meaning of sacrifice

You’ve cried for me, because of me
and with me and you’ve wiped my tears
Now I want to put a smile on your face everyday

For there is no amount of wealth that can show my gratitude, no gift big enough to reflect your love

And even now I still count on you
Knowing I’ll be a great mum, not only because of what you’ve taught me, but because you’ll be the wonderful grandma my kids would love
I love you
Home is where you are
Home indeed is where MOM is .

Happy Mother’s Day
To mine and yours


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