From a concept to an idea
From experiments in mummy’s kitchen
To an opening…
We’re not that old
But a little of our journey we want to share

There were times when no one was coming to the stand
There were times where there were so many people there was a literal pandemonium

There were sleepless nights
And there were satisfied customer
There were new customers to convince
And there were ‘I came because of Maame’s Pancakes customers

Truth is there were dissatisfied customers
But there were also the pleased customers

Then there is the backbone
The Maame’s Pancakes team
There is the always liking and sharing
And then there’s the private message encouragements

The list goes on and on
But for now
We are just two months old
And yet still learning

There are more dreams
There are more actions and there’s definitely more growing to do
Thank you for coming
Thank you for supporting
Thank you for liking
Thank you for sharing
Thank you for encouraging
Most importantly
Thank you for believing in
Maame’s Pancakes


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