I looked carefully
For I had worked so hard
Worked so hard towards your treat
I asked you to come
You came
You did not come alone
You came with others

You never knew pancakes could come in coffee, strawberry, chocolate and even more daringly Cheese
But, I offered and you tasted
You smiled and asked for more
I was delighted

Then you asked for a second helping
And extra topping
There I knew You’d been won over
Not by me, of course
But by the treat you so deliciously savoured

Then there is you
Yes you
By the time I turned to get you something else
The treats on your plate were gone
Vanished in fact
You absolutely made me jubilant

There are no words to describe
How  grateful I am
Grateful that you came…

I saw the smile
I even saw you laugh
And I loved it
I am glad you could experience it


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