Maame’s Pancakes


If you’ve known me for long then you have probably tasted my pancakes
If you have known me for very long then you have probably watched me fry them
What you don’t know however is how I look at you when you take the first bite
How I am consciously looking to see a smile on your face
After all the measuring
The careful mixing
The proof tasting
The patient frying and
The meticulous rolling
Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy of delicious satisfaction plastered on your face

Now I want more people to share in this…

Vanilla for everyone
Chocolate for us the chocolate lovers
Strawberry for the sweethearts
Coffee for the caffeine religious
Cheese for the daring
Savoury for the adventurous

Make sure to give your taste buds a treat


8 thoughts on “Maame’s Pancakes

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m a convert of your delicious pancakes.
    After experiencing their taste bud-transforming powers, I must confess my life has never been the same.
    The Gospel according to #Maame’sPancakes

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