Christmas ;my side of the world

It starts with the endless traffic jams,

Makes you wonder where all the cars and people have been all year.

Then all of a sudden all sorts of new rice and cooking oil brands appear on the market.

Now all the tips you were used to giving some how triple and double with the smiling but persistent face that says:

“Oh maa, bibi ketewa bi na ye nfa di buronya ”

“Oh boss , somtin small for de xmas”

Knockouts and fire works that were literally scarce in the country surface…

And the utmost joy you can put on a little boy’s face is that 50p you give him to buy tunte (Ga for knockout)

Don,t be any surprised when you send your little sibling on an errand and he/she returns with a very small balloon and a tearful  face but not your change , it’s just an early lesson to the demise of gambling or in their case…

This is the time when the hawkers exchange their regular wares for Christmas hats,ridiculously large plastic colorful spectacles, Christmas lights, any thing glittery and colorful and trust me you will be pressured ,coerced into a purchase especially with that cute toddler in your car’s backseat

It is the time where Jollof ,though having already gained international recognition becomes extremely popular at the nearest chop bar, food joint or wayside mini restaurant table.

And when there is constant drumming in your ears from the consistent fufu pounding

It is the period where there can be chicken shortage , and nothing can replace it except sometimes ‘ Akofem’ (guinea fowl)  can be considered.

This is the time the famous ‘kaakaamotobi’ or ‘Emasi’ (Masqueraders) patrols every street giving you a live performance at the traffic light and the kids shivering scared, Oh how I wish someone has told me it was just a costume when I was younger.

Not forgetting the year’s hit songs on constant replay at every spot and pub in your vicinity.

And oh , the many fasting  programs ,conventions,prayer journeys, praise and worship nights during this season.

And most famously  is the 31st watch night captions ;from as subtle as watch night service, 31st night vigil , crossover to as interesting as jump over, roll over, I shall see the new year, I am claiming my new year…

So when your sound sensitive car alarm keeps going off every now and then,
Not to worry , it’s just your neighbours reminding you it’s Christmas.

Or when that mate insists he does not have 10p change ,spare him this once he probably owes someone some loooong promised Christmas kebab.

Happy Holiday’s.


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