crying sketch

photo credit: GSTATIC.COM

He looked into her eyes, she melted, and a tornado was just about building in her tummy. He held her hand and led her toward the room; he squeezed her hand softly and asked her if she was sure. She thought it was just a few days more, there really was nothing wrong, they had already waited this long, six years was not easy, keeping to the promise. She wondered however, was this the right thing to do? She brushed the thought away and took another step, he opened the door, looked at her and smiled and carried her in, and she knew it would be one of the best days of her life. He shut the door with his foot and she knew the forbidden fruit would soon be unveiled to her…

Three days later , the day of the engagement, Akosua Serwaa, was so pleased, she was smiling all day, she and John had been talking till into the wee hours of the night , her best friends were around her and the make -up artiste was layering her final touches, the photographer came in to take a sneak shot of her …

Just then all that could be heard was a loud shattering noise, Akosua could not believe what she had just read; “Baby I’m sorry but I  cannot go through with this…”, Akosua was shaking, when they asked her what was wrong, she could barely utter a word, then followed the tears, rolling down her beautiful face, like a continuous waterfall, they just would not stop, her mum rushed in and held her close… After crying for over an hour without saying a word she managed to mutter;” He will not come”…

Akosua! Akosua Serwaa!, her mother called , Akosua , realized she was lost in her thoughts, she tried to shake them off but they were persistently hitting every wall of her conscience , five years had passed by and she could not forget, would she ever love again? Her mother had been introducing her to suitors, and there was definitely another Kweku or Kofi , the son of her mum’s numerous friends who had still not found the one. Akosua got up and stepped into the living room, taken a deep breath and rehearsing the well known I am not getting married speech…

And there he also went, like all the others…

There were however days she craved for love again, for someone she could trust and someone who would make her happy. When would that day come she thought, until it came sooner than she could

Akosua was walking towards her car after work, when his car just passed inches short of brushing her navy blue skirt; he halted abruptly and jumped out of the car, rushing towards her. All he kept saying I’m so sorry, but she could barely even assess the danger she could have just been in. He was such a gentleman was all she could think about. Miss! Miss! Are you alright !, oh Akosua thought to herself, lost in her thoughts again, when she resurfaced he was right in front of her , with such a worried look on his face. I’m okay she said, but he insisted that he would take her to the hospital for a quick check up, he had a friend. Well she finally agreed he walked her to his car, opened the door for her ….

Clutching her phone, Akosua let go of her thoughts, remembering how she had met Kojo Johnson brought a smile to her face. Staring intently at the screen, his last seen on their whatsapp chat page was 9:55 am, just five minutes ago… “Akosua could you please close your eyes, said the makeup artiste Akosua closed her eyes and wondered, will he come?


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