There are just those times
When the sky is a certain shade ,
When the sun is so beautiful
When you look ahead and words could not paint a better description
You just wish you could capture it

There are those times when amongst your loved ones,
you are giggling and laughing
and going to a comedy show could not have made you this happy
You just wish you could tell them,
Pause let me capture this

There are those moments when
you find yourself amused by the simplest of things
When as if your heart was singing and all the birds were in harmony with you
These are the times you wish it was a movie so you could play it over and over

But luckily we have memories,
And we can capture these moments,
For almost forever
And look to them when we are down
For they give us strength
They give us hope
Hope that the sun rises sooner
And the night lasts but a while


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