Down the street…



As I walk down the street
I see the vendors preparing
Early in the morning
Up and about for the early bird catches the worm
For that is the norm
For these women whose cloths seemingly secured,barely has a full hem
But every morning they do,to feed the passersby
The commercial drivers and their conductors and the workers nearby

Down the street I move on
And you see a mother with her baby,firmly strapped at her back
and there is no place she would rather be
Mummy busily going about her activities
Sweeping and arranging things
To open the shop for today
So a little they can make to keep hunger at bay

I walk down the street and there come the cars
The hawkers skillfully running
with precision like in a race
A race for the quickest,a race for the smartest
A race to make ends meet

Though a struggle it may seem
With joy and happiness they all beam
For a colourful scene is what I see
When I take a walk down my neighbourhood street.


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