A lovely day I thought I was having till I walked into the bookshop today
As I walked through the aisles
They smiled at me
And teased me
Tempted me
With their artistic covers
Lured me with their intriguing titles
Nuged me with amazing gists
I could not resist
I picked one
and turned a page
I could not really decide
I picked another and turned a couple of pages
I did not want to put it down
But the shop would close soon
How I longed for a library that would never close
Where I’d sit with books up to my chin
Go on adventures
Dine with Kings
and Dance with Princess
Laugh with fairies
and read to Presidents
Sail the world
and ah
what a joy it would be
I looked at my watch
It was time to leave now
I knew for sure
I knew for certain
what I longed for
But then…
Imagination was not that distant
and would keep me company for a little while…


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