New Year’s Eve…


There is the anxiety of the passing year
all the hopes and dreams that were not realised in the passing year
All the sadness and troubles we went through still on our minds

Will the next year be better?
We ask ourselves…
It will be better,it must be better we encourage ourselves…

But there is this joy that the new year brings
When the clock strikes
And the bells ring
The countdown is over
Whether you are in church or at home or stuck somewhere
Enemies become friends
Aquaintances become loved ones
And you just cannot help going about
hugging and shaking everyone
For in that moment
there is no sadness
no troubles
no worries
We are all glad to see this new day
This new blessing
This fresh start
Everything seems possible
and dreams form anew
Resolutions break the charts
And all seems well
And all we want to do is
Am glad I saw it
I may not know who you are standing next to me but am glad you saw it too…


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