So walking down the street and you hear the happy screams of children
then you hear ‘kpo! kpo!’
you walk down the street
and you see a fat cow and/or goat
resting in the bucket of a pick up
Chickens on the run
goats saying their last prayers
and cows mooing all night long
hoping that that day never comes
when the children rush home happily from church
excitement rises to the pum pum
of the pestle on the soft item in the mortar
excitement rises to the shee from the just opened bottle
excitement rises when the tin opens and reveals its beautiful picadilly biscuits

Then you know that fufu is definetly going down with some aponkye
and will be washed down with some chilled fanta
and some picadilly biscuits for dessert that you will never finish eating, hide some under your pillow for as long as it can last
Because the next time you get some is when you hear
It is christmas time…


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