As they descended the staircase

Muttering to themselves

Trying to write a story from the scene the saw

As they moved on they heard the patter of water drops

Moving further on they passed a black object which reflected the glistening sun rays

They stopped for a moment as their lines seemed to disappear

But it soon came along with the breeze of the wind

And ah, which lifted up some skirts.

How amazed they were

Knowing this would definitely confuse you

But maybe not, for the next line would give you a thought

They had by this time passed the lines on which hang many pairs of shorts

Turning the corner, they neared their destination

And one in front of the other, they descended again

And then the question came “To where do we head?”

This time uncertain of what lay at the other end of the door ahead

In there was a bed…

Wish I could tell you more but this is the end.
        ***J_noko & Sketches***


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