Grandma’s funeral was a week ago , and the family was still mourning. I loved grandma so much and I started to miss her company so much,and yet there was no one to comfort me . Even my twin brother could not help.
One evening , as I slept, I had a dream of grandma when she was young. She told me many things, but somehow in the dream I kept remembering the funeral and I was terrified. I tried to wake up, but when I went back to sleep , the dream kept recurring.
I kept seeing her lovely young face, hair parted in the middle and pulled back,powdered cheeks and red lipstick. And yet the other image of a lifeless old woman kept coming to mind. I tried to wake up. I went to wake my brother up and he just thought I was fretting. I went to the kitchen to drink a glass of milk and went back to bed.

Then after a few days , I had another scary dream , so I decided to write about it. Having no idea how to start,I made myself the main character.
Lying in my bed after watching a movie one afternoon. As the fan kept spinning and the light of the sun shone in my eyes, the soundtrack of the just ended movie still playing,I decided to put my thoughts down. For who knew.what could come out of it . So I started writing.
“In a far far away land”, and I stopped not knowing whether to write a fairytale or a tragedy or even how to start. All the same I started again.
“One evening, sitting by her desk, Majorie started to write her second book. It had not been long since her first one and yet inspiration seemed to flow from everywhere.
As she listened to the silence of the night ,all she could hear were her thoughts ringing loud and the sound of her fingers tapping the keyboard. She wrote all through the night,not thinking to rest or sleep, but only thinking of putting the final full stop to mark the end of her second book. She dozed off almost at dawn , for she could not help it anymore. Her eyes were simply tired.

Before coming home that night, she had her usual friday outing with her group of girlfriends. They just seemed to be going on and on about how successful she had become and how they thought back in their school days she would eventually give up her passion for writing.
She woke up the next morning with an aching neck. Luckily it was Saturday and she was free that weekend.
She got up and took her bath, took her bible and had her own personal time with God, a practice she had cultivated back in school and just could not do without. After which she read through her previous days writing but could find absolutely no ideas to continue with so,she left it be and hoped that soon she would get some inspiration.

She was due for an interview at the end of the month to attain the position of assistant manager at the advertising firm where she worked, Pulls and Posts. She had been working at Pulls and Posts for five years now and was rising fast  to the top. She loved to study and was continually taking one course  or the other so as to excel in all she did. She was indeed the envy of many of her colleagues and yet at any given opportunity, she stressed on the fact that her success was solely attributed to God.

Majorie studied for her interview until she started having hunger pangs ,she tried to ignore them, but they kept distracting her concentration. Alas she put her studies away and headed to the supermarket to get something so she could ruffle up a meal for.a heavy lunch having skipped breakfast.
There was hardly any traffic as she drove; with her windows down and the breeze rolling in and brushing her cheeks. She felt very refreshed and happy. She had all she wanted in life, but someone to share them with.
In the shop, Marjorie picked some vegetables to make a salad and a few other supplies as well. She paid at the counter and strolled off towards her car. Her thoughts far from her immediate surroundings. She  was suddenly alarmed as she heard a loud honk . She realised she was right in the path of a black toyota avensis and escaped being hit by the grace of God and the quick reaction of the young handsome driver who was approaching her. She said  a quick prayer to thank God for saving her and quickly straightened up to look at the young man who was right infront of her. She apologized and he asked if she was ok. He had been texting on his phone and had no idea she was unaware  of him coming. His name was Martin.

As Majorie put the groceries in.the trunk of her car, she thought to herself,how differrent things would have been if she had not broken up with Emmanuel 3years ago. She would have probably beeb married. But,she reassured herself thay God’s time was definitely the best and that she was mature now than she was then.

That afternoon ,Majorie had a big lunch and was so full she felt she had over eaten. She decided to take a walk to her parent’s house, who lived just a street away from her.
When she got there,she could smell the aroma of freshly baked cake and could still hear the rumbling sound of the cake mixer. Her mum was probably making some pasteries for an order,she thought.
She greeted the security man who was not at his post at the gate that was opened. She reprimanded him and warned him strongly never to repeat that. As she neared the kitchen , she realised she had only assumed the rumbling sound to be the cake mixer. She entered the kitchen and looking at the view she let a loud giggle.
Her three year old nephew was sitting very contently on the counter ,watching his grandfather make a milkshake for him. She chatted with them for a whike and asked for her mum and was told she was out with her elder sister. Explaining why her nephew was around.
She stayed a while and went back home to study for her interview.
When evening came, she sat at her dark polished wooden desk , in her black swivel chair,hoping to continue with her writing. After sitting there distractedly for thirty minutes,she decided to get up to do something more constructive as she had no ideas coming in. She decided to pick an outfit for service the following day instead .
When she finally decided on a dress to wear,she picked accesories to match and ironed the dress and hanged it. She suddenly felt so exhausted . She wondered what  she had done to feel that way but she could not find any suitable answer. She had her bath ,changed into her pyjamas and said her night prayers and went straight to bed.

That night, she had a terrible dream. She dreamt she was a famous actor. She was very successful. She lived at home with her husband and their baby boy. That night, they were attacked by armed robbers . They gave she and her husband an option. Either they would rape her or kill their baby.
Majorie woke up screaming and sweating, until she realised it was just a dream. As a stount
christian, she got up and begun to pray fervently. After about thirty minutes, when she felt better, she called her bestfriend an recounted the dream to him.
While she was doing that , an idea suddenly hit her. She knew just how to end her second novel and she knew she would write non stop after church the next day.”

I was so content with myself when I got to this side. I felt good that I had written something down even though it was a short story. I thought to myself. Maybe I could become a successful writer like Majorie.
I knew I would put my pen down soon ,not to write again till a long time to come. But like my brother always says: “you just never know.”
One day maybe, I would write great works of fiction.
***THE END***


10 thoughts on “A WRITER ONE DAY

  1. I took time to read the piece and for the time being I believe it is a wonderful story. Assuming this piece or short story is a ‘framework’, a potential book can evolve out of it since I see each paragraph as having the required ‘recipe’.
    If it is a dream to be a writer someday, remember, dreams can come true.
    *****Noticed some typographical errors and would suggest you check them out.

  2. Chris says:

    j’aime la maniere avec laquelle tu as modifie l’histoire, ca donne l’ impression d’une histoire dans une autre, c’est un talent ma cherie, cultive le bien

  3. Jean-Benoit says:

    I think its a beautiful piece of writing. You describe events very well including the small refreshing details that we so often take for granted, even emotions, nice. I especially like the introducing paragraphs. The transition into the story is great.
    Pls work on your chronology, the times things happen and how long it takes so we get the flow more easily. You could also take a look at how you let us know you are switching from thoughts to narrative or vice versa.
    You write honestly and very well. Keep going; your well of inspiration will never run dry.

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