I went all the way to the store

picked a ream of paper and it I tore

took a clean sheet , so I would pour

all that was inside, my inside store

I picked a pen and opened the door

I knew finally pent-up emotions would roar

most importantly I knew you would feel too

because what I let out from my deep was true

you only saw white and blue

in all my painstaking brew

the leap I left and flew

just to realise it was not me and you

just me standing in the mirror as mash

realising that all was a crash

so I toss it in the trash

where it is supposed to have been

wasted,wasted effort unseen.

*** sketches***


One thought on “UNSEEN…

  1. brakd says:

    Thick dark clouds I see
    Heavy heartbeats I feel
    Trying so hard to prevent the rain
    The more I try
    The more thunder strikes in the head
    Ouch the pain is terrible
    Can’t bear it
    I have to let it fall

    But this is not all of it
    After the rain a bright
    and new environment I see
    perfect for the young to sprout
    ready to receive the opening buds
    And me…………
    Neither am I giving up.

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