if we mainly learn by observation

then are we at fault

when we replicate exactly what we see?

when our template, is supposed to have no flaw, yet it does

then, are we at fault?

when we project what we see

add a little more

and become worse

are we then at fault?


if our experiences make us who we are

and we go through unpleasant situations

are we at fault for who we become?

if the people around us, influence  who we are

can we be questioned for who we become?

if we are not guided by a sturdy hand

and we go off track

are we at fault?


but when we come to know the truth

when we see the light at the end of the tunnel when a hand reaches out to us

and we do not get an epiphany or see, or grab that hand,

then we are at fault

for opportunity comes but once,


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