Dear diary,

I met you know who at the wedding today , ok ,Joel didn’t see me , I didn’t want him to…. I mean it will be as if i was stalking him or something, well…. Anyway   sometime next week I’d like to go watch this movie at the mall . Just me , give myself a treat , schools not been easy at all see you later then.

Ah, goodness Accra is so hot ,trying to get home from work has not been easy .

I’m glad am back , straight into the shower I’ll go  and then to bed . My mum will complain , but as for today I’m tired . Besides, it’s a friday night. Later that night , I couldn’t sleep , so I woke up to browse a little and then Dave was online , we chatted a little and I just logged out , why did I even chat with him , I wondered …

Well, a movie did the trick and I woke up to find my pc also sleeping next to me ..

Oh Saturdays are  so busy at my lace , general cleaning, cooking for the week and all that. By 7am , I was awake, and by noon I was free. I wasn’t really up to doing anything so I just coiled up with a novel and that was it..

Sunday morning was going to church, then lunch, then mall….to be contd..


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