Oh. my mom and the way she wants everything to be perfect. well at least it always turns out that way. I’m in my cream coloured sleeveless princessline dress with a kente band and bow tie at the side and according to my brother I looked good so…

okay, my dad drove us to the wedding , my mum insisted…. the wedding was beautiful , a very lovely petite wedding. it really set me thinking about what I said about my being single . Joel popped into my mind at that moment and I dismissed the thought rapidly.

we left for the reception , my parents sat at the high table, my brother and his wife sat together, leaving me to sit  at a table of young ladies. I dreaded it. all they kept on doing was talking about people’s outfits, how good-looking this guy was and on  and on thew went. Alas the food was in, I was glad, at least they would stop talking for a while.

then , it was time to dance. I saw a guy in a lovely suit with a lady clinging onto his arm . how lovely, i thought. they came closer, and I just had to hide.i got up and went to the restroom.
only to come back and my plate had been cleared. ah! who told the waiter i had finished eating!!

I decided to put my anger on the desserts, they looked pretty good.

after the desserts, I really didn’t feel like anything , the girls at my table had bore me to death.. ah! these my parents , won’t they let us leave soon.. they liked greeting and it seemed as if they were greeting the entire guest list…..

Ha! I guess we’d leave soon……. but i really needed to leave, before….. to be contd


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