DEAR DIARY…episode 4

Bella: am so sorry, i didn’t …

Joel: Don’t worry, never mind, Do you know where they are selling drinks, i want to get one….

cool i thought , he wasn’t even bothered and oh, what a gentleman he was. he actually paid for my drink and guess what, he is sitting right next to me. he’s so cute . if only…. okay never mind, forget it…


dear diary,

I’m on the way home from school , I’m sitting by the window on a VIP bus. I’m rather sad, i didn’t ask for his full name or his twitter name or something. well he was sweet , he saw me off to my hostel after the program, isn’t that extra sweet? he said he had a little sister and his hostel  is at Boadi but he live in east Legon . he’s reading Telecom engineering … cool right?

ok.. I’ll stop going on and on about him. I’ve not forgotten our single agreement. well , well .. I’m feeling sleepy, so later..


 it’s so good to be home . ny big brother will be coming home for christmas this year . he lives with his wife in Akosombo, so I hardly get to see him .. I guess we’ll all go for uncle John’s wedding and have a lovely christmas….to be contd…


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