DEAR DIARY. epsode 3

It has been a week since the Dave incident, how could  even think for a split second that anything was going to come out of this, arrrgghh!!!! shame on me!

well, from hence forth, I’m not going to fall in love, I’ll be single for the next two years, sorry for all the guys. it’s just not happening, and I am sticking to my decision.

great, now all am going to do is absolutely work towards my future, I’m so going to study like no one’s business…

Dear Diary,

exams have been so stressful, can you believe it, my clothes are virtually falling off.I did my best as always, and as for praying, you know  do not joke with it, and my God at all. I’ll start packing tomorrow to go home.  just have to take the VIP bus early in the morning . I don’t want to go with an organised bus , besides I have to be home early for uncle John’s wedding at the weekend….. see you later.


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