Then,there could be love,
One emotion I can never explain.
When the wind of love blows,
it blows two hearts together,
two hearts apart,
Sends dreams of happiness,
dreams filled with sadness.
But love has it’s own wonders.
Wonders one can never discover,
if not immersed in it.
These wonders I can but explain
For words alone would not suffice

Love comes not only with content
Also,the part we always forget;
It comes all the time but,
We would gladly not admit.
But we do all the same;
What do you feel,when you are away,
Away from someone you love?
What do you feel when you loose love?
What happens when you are not lucky in this thing called love?
It’s obvious,is it not?
Of course,
But there is more,
Love brings more,
More than we can imagine.



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