Now I’ve come to the end,

The end of it all.

The point when I look no further

I live just for the present

For my future I do not see

For my past stands in the way

I’ve given it all up

for there is no longer me

No wishes,no dream

s But,one goal,one aim;

To go all the way to the end

The tears flow,flow with such consistency

They are all I have left,

for there is no shoulder to lean on.

No one to talk to No one but me

Step by step,I’m getting there

Step by step I gradually let myself go

Hurt becomes my brother

Sadness my sister and tears my bestfrien

d I move as if programmed

for thinking and feelings exsist not

i’ve given up all hope

for all happiness has become nothing

Nothing at all As invisible as thoughts

As for love mention it not

All I posses is the hate,

Hate of those who gave me their love

And love to give I have lot

But no one to give to

What I give is no longer valued

For all those who gave I betrayed

My one true love ,I lost

And that never will I get back

I’m getting there,almost there

As I draw near,it becomes clearer.

My life’s value,down it goes.

The sun’s light has faded

And now it is night I have reached the end

And there is nothing left


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