when you are climbing a mountain,

there are so many difficulties

you may trip

you may fall

you may even decide to give up

but with a little perseverance

you get to the top.


when you are swimming across a river,

there are so many challenges

you may get exhausted

you may have a cramp

you may even not have enough air

but with a little courage

you’ll get to the other side.


when you are falling in love

there are so many toils

you may get hurt,

you may make mistakes

you may give up on love all together

but with more than a little

faith and patience,

it becomes the beauty that you seek,

the summer you long waited for,

the peace that surpasses all

the joy that never  fades.


when it comes to you and me

there are so many barriers

you may break them

you may be consumed by them

you may even give up

but with wooing and cooing

with prayer and honesty

though the end may be uncertain

we could at least write our own story

and hope, for hope is all there is,

that it ends happily ever after…


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