DEAR DIARY .. episode 1

Earlier on that day i had met one of my friends that i’d not seen in a pretty long time . Well we used to Skype and facebook but really not met face to face since  we last met after we had to go to university .Its been a whole four years now . He came to campus and we talked and talked….

I guess he came back because he had to meet his cousin…well i secretly think he came to see me , after all, a week before coming, he asked me if I likde him, I was shy, but i eventually said yes…he said he did too.

hmmmmm… should i have waited a little while? … i dunno…..

So now , here I am and the phone is ringing and I’m even scared to pick it up ..

it’s Dave, my goodness it worked!!!!!! this is serious telepathy……to be contd…


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